7.3" Super Wide LCD Rear View Mirror Monitor

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7.3” Super Wide LCD Rear view Mirror Monitor

RVM-073A is an OEM style rear view mirror with an embedded super wide 7.3” LCD display. It is designed to replace your factory windscreen mounted rear view mirror. Camera images are displayed in crystal clear quality and activates automatically upon selection of reverse gear. When combined with up to 3 cameras (rear, left/right side), the monitor can reveal multiple blind spots you may not otherwise see - perfect for cars, wide vehicles and caravans. Includes automatic brightness control and anti-glare for bright sunny days.

Features and Specifications

• 7.3” high resolution 16:5 LCD screen

• Anti-glare | high reflective mirror

• Designed to replace factory rear view mirror

• Auto display activation upon reverse gear engagement

• Three video inputs

• Integrated reversing grid lines

• Generic bracket included

• Auto switching PAL | NTSC

• Auto brightness

• Vehicle specific brackets available